For whom

Who are MEDAMAN's services useful for?

Managing Director

The Managing Director of a hospital, to direct general policy.

Medical Director

The medical director of a hospital, to determine the “Best Demonstrated Practices” and “Best Evidence-Based Practice”, so that the quality of care can be further improved.

Financial director

The financial director of a hospital, to proactively identify opportunities to increase revenue.

IT Director

The director IT of a hospital, which is relieved of questions about analyzes of hospital data.

Head of Department Minimum Hospital Data

The head of department MSG, to gain a better understanding of hospital data.

Director Quality and Innovation

The director quality and innovation of a hospital, as the insight provided by MEDAMAN's services reveal innovative approaches that also further improve the quality of care.

Director of Processes

The director of processes of a hospital, because the insight provided by the services of MEDAMAN allows to devise interesting new processes for innovative approaches.


Your advantage with using Medaman

Your advantage by using Medaman . services

Hospitals that are already users of the Medaman services appreciate the use of these services for several reasons, reasons that will probably be appreciated by you as well:
  1. You will receive presentations of the analyzes of your data by MEDAMAN in a format that is easy to share with others who can manage or perform the necessary actions themselves.
  2. You can proactively identify opportunities to increase revenue.
  3. You can start by determining the “Best Demonstrated Practices” in each area of individual treatment.
  4. Based on the analyzes by MEDAMAN you can implement a hospital management based on the best proven treatment data (“Best Evidence-Based Practice”).
  5. Your operational advantage consists in managing your strategic policy more easily.
  6. The data needed for the analyzes by MEDAMAN can be delivered quickly with minimal effort for the hospital.
  7. The results of the analyzes by MEDAMAN are made available in a secure environment.
  8. You get information that really helps you decide and act.
  9. You will receive information that will help you achieve your financial goals better.
  10. You will receive information that will help you better achieve your medical quality goals.
  11. The user-friendliness of the reports enables every employee in the hospital to easily find his/her specific information in the Medaman analyses.
  12. Using MEDAMAN's services is very accessible.
  13. Thanks to the MEDAMAN tools, participation in international retrospective observational studies is possible, with which you can contribute to the overall improvement of public health. In addition, you create opportunities for scientific publications with potential revenues by participating in subsidized retrospective observational studies.
  14. Your IT departments are often flooded with many requests, but the effort they have to put in using MEDAMAN's services is minimal.
  15. MEDAMAN is a completely independent company “from doctors for doctors” that has no financial ties to the pharmaceutical or medical industry.
  16. The founder of MEDAMAN founded the company not only because he discovered an opportunity for hospitals, but also because as a doctor he has already earned his stripes in hospital management.
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