Responsible activity

This report provides an overview of the responsible activity since 2016.

At the top left you have the option to select all hospital stays or to make a selection of a specialism.

A second filter that you can apply on this screen determines the X axis of the graphs: you can select between per semester or per year.

The third button at the top right can be used to reset the screen to its original state.

Next we are three graphs:
-The responsible activity per specialism
-The responsible activity per MDC
-The responsible activity per DRG

The height of the beam is determined by the number of responsible lying days. The width of the beam is determined by the number of stays. The color of the bar reflects the length of stay performance: the redder the more negative the length of stay performance, the greener the more positive.

When you select a particular MDC by clicking on it, only the stays of this selection are shown in the other two graphs. In this way you can see which specialisms generate which responsible activity in a particular MDC. The same filter is applied when you select a particular DRG.

When you select a particular specialty, only the stays where the selected specialty was the receiving specialty of the stay are retained. The admission specialty is defined as the specialty of the first sub-stay unless the patient is admitted via emergency. In that case, the admission specialism is the second part-stay.