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MEDAMAN is an organization that provides services at innovative hospitals. From structured hospital data that in different sources available becomes the most relevant information for healthcare providers created. These will be fast and on a user-friendly way made available for the purpose of higher quality care.

The company was founded in 2019 by Dr. Luc Belmans, a doctor who has already earned his spurs in hospital management!

The services of MEDAMAN include full support of the care registration cycle.


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Our services

Our services include full support of the care registration cycle.


Regular feedback on the analysis data. Information can only lead to added value if it ends up with the people who carry out activities for which this information is relevant.

Clinical documentation improvement

A complete and correct registration of the care provided is the basis for qualitative clinical documentation.

Data analysis

Structured data on pathology data can be further analyzed to create relevant information. This can be done for general hospital data as well as for patient subpopulations.

Coding Support

Extracting the correct ICD code from a complete and correct clinical documentation is how unstructured clinical data is turned into a structured data set.


Our focus

Our mission

Facilitating high quality hospital care at lower costs resulting in benefits for hospital, physician and patient thanks to state of the art coding, hospital data analysis and peer comparisons.

Our vision

Unlocking the potential of available hospital data for innovative healthcare institutions. By testing care processes with peers in a safe and anonymous way, hospitals increase their knowledge about care, resulting in more targeted patient care.


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